To know to preserve | Natura 2000 Network

The project “Knowing to Preserve | Natura 2000 Network ”resulted from the partnership between the municipalities of Torres Vedras and Lourinhã.This partnership is justified in that the project's intervention territory corresponds to the classified area of the Natura 2000 Network of the Torres Vedras and Lourinhã municipalities, namely the SIC Sintra / Cascais Site (PTCON0008) and the SIC Peniche / Santa Cruz Site (PTCON0056). The definition of the intervention strategy was based on an integrated approach which focused on the awareness and sensitization of the population, especially young people and schools, on the theme of conservation and enhancement of their local natural heritage integrated into the Natura 2000 Network.The initiatives that constituted the action program are connected to an integrated information and sensitization intervention with the youth and school community of the municipalities. As regards the initiatives with students from the intervention area, approximately 977 students from the municipality of Torres Vedras participated between April 2016 and June 2018. 292 students participated in awareness actions on the species Ruivaco-do-Oeste, which resulted in the publication of a book. Books and educational games were also produced for the exclusive use of both students' schools. With the implementation of more than 10 actions we were able to reach the school community from the 1st cycle to secondary education, with the participation of almost 3,000 individuals.