COPIL Éislek - an innovative approach for the implementation and governance of the NATURA 2000 Management plans in Luxembourg. As foreseen in article 6 of Council directive 92/43/EEC on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora, the National Conservation Agency has established Management Plans for every Natura 2000 Zone (sometimes several overlapping zones were considered as one). These plans have been elaborated for the period 2018-2028 and will help to achieve the national goals included in the PAF (Prioritized Action Framework) and PNPN (National Plan for Nature Protection). These two documents assess the current state of conservation of habitats and species throughout Luxembourg and fix the general needs for their preservation or restoration to a favourable state of conservation. To implement the Natura 2000 Management Plans interdisciplinary steering committees have been set up. In the northern region of Luxembourg , a Natura 2000 steering committee called "COPIL Éislek" was established in October 2018; the COPIL Éislek explicitly follows an interdisciplinary approach and unites a wide range of participants involved or being affected by measures in the Natura 2000 management plans. Besides representatives from ministries, administrations and communities the COPIL Éislek is also including private land owners and professional organizations that are active in the field of agriculture, forestry, cultural heritage and nature protection. By bringing together such a wide range of different participants, the COPIL Éislek offers a great opportunity to generate a high acceptance for the realization Natura 2000 measures.

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