Empowerment of private managers in the natura 2000

Larrano is a high mountain area that has been managed by human beings since prehistory. This anthropic management has generated a mosaic landscape of crags, beechwoods and mountain pastures. However, the involvement of humans in the natural environment is declining. New forms of life and limitations on human management established by the competent administrations is beginning to degenerate the established landscape (habitats).In this project, we try to combine the claims and demands of the communal owners of the land with the objectives of conservation and improvement of the natural heritage as required by the administration. We have tried to find a way to satisfy all parties involved in the management of this area.To this end, we have continued the partial forest planting work started by the communal owners. For the owners, we have helped to improve the plantations (improvement of the perimeter closure, establishment of a live hedge and repair of dead areas with new trees) and, for the administration, we have increased beechwood biodiversity and atmospheric carbon binding capacity, committing ourselves to follow up on this achievement.The result brings a social improvement for managers and an environmental improvement for the administration, which in turn generates economic benetits for society. In short, it improves the sustainability of the management of this area.

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