Collio XR

The Collio area is very famous for its wines, less so for its naturalistic attractions. Tourism could be increased along this part of the European Green Belt by making the most of the many cycling and walking routes present. Fondazione Carigo (Cassa di Risparmio di Gorizia) and Banca Intesa asked us to develop a project that aims to guide visitors through Collio using innovative digital methods, pursuing the objectives of Agenda 2030, addressing its themes and involving public and private operators.The Collio XR Project provides new interpretation keys for Collio. The themes of Agenda 2030 have been described in 7 stories focusing on sustainable development that encourage institutions and private indviduals to act consistently in line with the 17 UN objectives. Digital narration, with audio, VR and AR content, represents an innovative way to present Agenda 2030 themes, correlating them with concrete actions taken on a specific territory/community, and a new model of sharing eco-sustainable development ideas.Collio XR is a new way of describing a territory and raising awareness of its possible future. It is an innovative digital storytelling technique that enriches the real experience (walks along the paths) with digital contents, which are activated thanks to geo-referencing, and with gamification activities to constantly recall the objectives and themes of sustainable development proposed in the UN Agenda 2030.The project was fully supported by the Carigo Foundation, with the aim of enhancing the value of the Collio area. The use of the app and of its contents is completely free.  

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