Puppets for Nature - Creative Nature Trails

LEARN BY PLAYING to save natural sites? A wonderful idea! We have a secret weapon in Hungary called "Puppets for Future - Puppets for Nature". It won the Energy Globe Award in 2018 for its creativity and effectiveness in environmental education. It is great news for people to know that we have now opened our 6th Puppet guided Nature Trail in Budapest, and designed a new puppet show focusing on the natural values of the BUDA Hills. OUR OBJECTIVE is clear: to reach 5-8 year old children and help them discover the secrets of the hill. We have used creativity, games and fun as a means of reaching that goal, building on our experience over the past 9 years. Our Nature Trail and the "Rosalia Puppet Show" takes place at the "Sas Hill" Visitor Center in Buda PLA, which is a living museum in the heart of Budapestn capable of attracting 10.000 visitors a year. Our beautiful panoramic terrace makes it an ideal spot for children and their families. The new Nature trail and our puppet show describe in a creative manner the importance of key protected species (e.g. Rosalia alpina, ladybird spider, caspian whipsnake or hazel dormouse) and protected habitats (eg dolimite rock) on Buda hill to the children and their families that visit the  site. In doing so is also helping to turn NEGATIVE perceptions into POSITIVE ones about the protected habitat of the hill.

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