Ecolodge in the Spanish Serengeti

The Cabañeros ecolodge is located within the Cabañeros National Park and the Río Milagro river reserve which are both part of Natura 2000 (ZEC ES4250005 and the SPA ES0000093). Several scientific publications have highlighted the poor socio-economic conditions of the Cabañeros National Park. This is also one of the least visited areas of the region.  Local companies are disappearing and there are few job opportunities for young people, other than to work for the park itself.The river reserve of the Milagro River, also has a problem of conservation and lack of flow. This needs to be addressed in order to be able to successfully develop a comprehensive conservation and environmental education project for the area. Nevertheless, the ecolodge is a success story because of its strong internet presence. The activities designed by Dr Vega each season are already part of the alma mater of the hotel and offer a unique experience of the local wildlife and the local identity of the region: programs are on offer to experience deer bellowing in the autumn, cranes roosting in winter and the Mediterranean jungle coming to life in the spring. Each of the wildlife tracking programs Dr Vega collaborates with are described on:

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