Educative program on species and habitat types of Community interest : when fantasy becomes reality

The PNRCQ is an organization in charge of educational activities for 13 Natura 2000 sites in its territory. It has developed an educational programme to help people discover the biodiversity and the ecological system of the Natura 2000 sites. This program is intended for primary schools in municipalities that are within, or close to, the Natura 2000 sites. Firstly, the activity consists of a fictional encounter through an entertaining educational album and, secondly, of a "real life" discovery through a field trip accompanied by a naturalist acting as an educator. During a narrative journey, children are taken on a tour to discover the habitats and species of community interest that surround them. They navigate from one Natura 2000 site to another. They are invited to solve puzzles and place stickers representing two kinds of species in their corresponding locations within their habitats: the first are "Ordinary" species that are commonly encountered, the second are species of community interest (the golden border and the presence of the Natura 2000 logo help to distinguish them).Finally, the kids in the classes are invited to explore the geographical distribution of the Natura 2000 sites throughout Europe. This helps to raise awareness of the existence and extent of the world's largest network of protected sites. The children are finally brought back to the reality of their own territory the the discovery of the natural habitats they learned about in the album during an outing accompanied by a naturalist acting as an educator.