Reconciling interests/perceptions within the LIFE Natura Themis Project (LIFE14 GIE/GR/000026)

LIFE Natura Themis is aiming to map the occurrence of environmental delinquency in the Region of Crete, focusing on protected areas of the NATURA 2000 Network. In the medium term, the project intends to provide in-depth information to both lawyers and representatives of the judiciary, prosecutors, investigating authorities within public bodies/services as well as regional authorities in Crete on all aspects of environmental degradation, with an emphasis on the protected areas of the NATURA 2000 Network. It also intends to promote awareness for the prosecution of wildlife crimes and to highlight environmental responsibility for restoring biodiversity damage. In the long term, the project seeks to contribute to the reduction and prevention of environmental crime through awareness-raising of local communities on this issue.The main objectives of the project are summarised in brief hereafter: 1) Study of environmental degradation in Crete, focusing on the protected areas of the NATURA 2000 Network, and its statistical analysis, which will be used to inform all stakeholders about possible legislative proposals, as well as for academic purposes; 2) Cultivation of skills in targeted audiences and stakeholders to effectively prevent and assist in addressing environmental delinquency and implementing remedial measures, where feasible and where this is required by the implementation of Environmental Liability Directive; 3) Inform the residents of the NATURA 2000 areas in Crete about illegal activities that take place in their areas, which in turn undermines local development, social cohesion and economic progress; 4) Encourage a change in attitude of all competent authorities regarding the recognition, recording and prevention of violations of environmental legislation and environmental crime.

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