Our Journey to Sustainable Management in European NATURA 2000 sites

Six Natura 2000 sites were targeted in the ASCENT (Apply Skills and Conserve our Environment with New Tools) project in three countries: Finland, Ireland and Northern Ireland,  from 2016 to 2019, all connected by a common goal to protect their Natura 2000 sites. Seven sensitive project sites - which included protected sites in Norway and Iceland - experienced loss of unique biodiversity and bio-resources due to increased footfall in an unmanaged and unregulated manner. The multi-region ASCENT partners addressed the environmental challenges by co-operating transnationally and collectively creating new ways to conserve, protect and sustain sensitive habitats by delivering on sustainable solutions to preserve their qualities for future generations.The main activities centred on international learning and transferred that collective knowledge across the partner regions, to design practical solutions and to trial new initiatives and concepts for sustainable environmental management. This transnational co-operation effectively shared the knowledge and expertise from one region to the next which permeated down to local communities to respond to future challenges.

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