Natura 2000 Life Experiences

The goal of this initiative is to promote sustainable nature tourism in the Natura 2000 Network geographical areas, contributing to local development, territorial enhancement, promotion of biodiversity and the boosting of the local economy.EDP manages a communication channel with its customers - the “comunidade edp” (edp community) - through the website The purpose of this electronic platform is to create and provide its customers (3.8 Million) with a diversified network of commercial establishments (11 thousand). These use the platform to promote and make available their products and services, in accordance with rules and requirements.As people, as far as it is known, only protect what they value, this initiative aims to acknowledge people, but above all to make people value the natural values in Natura 2000 and turn them into active citizens for their conservation. This is the reason why this initiative brings the human activity into the equation of the conservation of nature and biodiversity, showing that it is possible to have economic activities based on the sustainable use of the region’s natural capital. It is about an initiative that seeks to "create" citizens with an approach to sustainability capable of (re)valuing the territory by improving the economy and the well-being of local communities through ecosystem services.The initiative is conducted like a contest , where customers participate by filling in the questionnaire about the Natura 2000 site that is being promoted, and winners will be able to get to know Natura 2000 live.