A Sustainable Journey, into N2000

N2000 sites host some of the most stunning landscapes and natural values in Europe, nature being the cornerstones of their designation. Yet, there is more than biodiversity and beautiful sights inside N2000 sites, often they are also places where local communities co-exist with nature. We, as curious human beings, like to explore and experience not only nature, but also different cultures and delicacies, valuing their authenticity. However, visitors can also create negative impacts on these communities and the natural values of the N2000 sites that surround them, so it is important that we all make wiser decisions when traveling in order to guarantee the subsistence of such places. This was the intention behind the making of the film “A Sustainable Journey" to inspire travellers, N2000 site managers, local communities and tourism businesses to consider the consequences of their choices and take more sustainable options.  We chose the medium of storytelling through film to produce a beautiful, inspirational and thought- provoking communication on the theme of nature and sustainable tourism. Le Mercantour National Park (FR) and Alpi Marittime Natural Park (IT) are areas rich in N2000 designated sites and have mature sustainable tourism partnerships – they were therefore selected as the locations for the film. The leitmotif for the communication is the encounter between the traveller, people and the landscape -highlighting their interconnectivity. This film was created as a communication tool within the project CEETO Interreg Central Europe with a single objective in mind: to inspire and raise awareness about the importance of sustainable tourism in N2000 sites in order to reduce its impact on our nature.

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