River Vez Outdoor Water Museum

River Vez Outdoor Water Museum aims to disseminate and promote the richness of the cultural and environmental heritage associated with nature and human activity in the area. It seeks to promote the environmental, architectural and ethnographic heritage associated with Rio Vez (River Vez), through dissemination and awareness raising activites targeted at local communities and visitors. Both material and immaterial means have been used to promote the balanced use of this classified area, framing less positive uses in an environment that leads to behavioural changes, sharing useful and practical information to which the residents do not always have easy access. The museum allows a proximity of service / user, within a perspective of integrated local development, and enables plans and designs to be made of future structures that are able to contribute to the planning and protection of these sites, as well as provide space for information dissemination and visitation. Throughout the Museum there are several interpretative panels that aim to give guidance and information to the visitor, drawing their attention to the natural and heritage values that can be observed along the way. Several coomunication actions take place in the museum such as the biodiversity tours to show the biodiversity richness of the Vez river. Through these activities, participants can observe the biodiversity and interpret the natural values of the river with the support of the technical team. Arcos de Valdevez is a UNESCO declared Biosphere Reserve and a significant part of its area in the National Park has been integrated into Natura 2000. In Arcos de Valdevez there are 4 zones of the Natura 2000 Network, 1 SPA and 3 Sites of Community Importance of the Atlantic Biogeographical Region.

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