Gauja National Park tourism cluster

Gauja National park Tourism Cluster was created in 2012 by an NGO “Tourism Association of Sigulda City Region”. This NGO was established in 2000 as an association of local Sigulda city tourism entrepreneurs. Since 2014, it has been transformed into "Gauja National Park Tourism Association". The creation of the Cluster was fostered by a project “Development of Gauja National park Tourism Cluster” funded by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. Today, the cluster combines more than 50 entrepreneurs, 9 municipalities, the Latvian Nature Conservation Agency and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. At this moment it is the largest tourism Cluster in the Baltics!. It represents a wide variety of tourism entrepreneurs (castles and manor houses, companies working in nature tourism), and types of active tourism, (wellness and health tourism, culinary or food tourism, rural tourism and other tourism forms) as well as different forms of lodging (camping, hotel, manors etc.).

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