Aralar, the land where the world has a place

“Aralar, the land where the world has a place” is an artistic film about the Aralar Natural Park in northern Spain produced by the small environmental group Landarlan. It features many of the habitat types and species protected by the Natura 2000 site, such as the bearded vulture or red kite, and explains their ecology, vulnerability, and conservation threats. The aim of this documentary-film is to raise awareness about the value, beauty and fragility of the area, and to bring society closer to nature and Natura 2000 protected areas

The film aims to raise awareness through a series of interviews with experts and locals. The film also has an important artistic element, which is narrated by a fairy-like woman who immerses herself in the mountain landscape while reciting a poem about the Aralar. The melodic sound of the language (mostly Basque, with subtitles in English and Spanish) adds to the poetic quality of the text and the beautiful scenography. The film, which took two years to make, was produced in a sustainable way, using drone footage and donkeys, instead of cars, to move equipment through the area.

Since its premiere in 2018, the film has been aired in more than 80 cities and has reached over 7 000 viewers. It has also been showcased at six film festivals and has won two film awards (best screenplay at the Ukerdi Mountain Film Festival and best environment and mountain culture film award at the Mammoth Film Festival). The Basque public television has acquired the rights to the film, which will ensure it reaches an even larger audience.

Surveys carried out after screenings showed that the audience’s knowledge of the Aralar and support for its conservation - as well as their understanding of Natura 2000 sites - has improved thanks to the film. A trailer is available on:

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